Cambodian Trainees Sending Organization Procast-Asia


The Japan Cambodia Interactive Association(JCIA) was established 1995, an agreement being exchanged between The representative of Cambodian government, the Minister of Commerce and Megumi Group President, Fumio Yamada (JCIA chairman).
We, Procast Group have supported Cambodia for 17 years with JCIA.

It was 1996 when JCIA constructed 15,000㎡size of “ The Phnom Penh Thmey Vocational Training Center ” under the Ministry of Social Affair in the suburb of Phnom Penh. Here various type of jobs can be learned such as repairing bike or TV from Japan, sewing, PC, and AutoCAD. We send over 100 people to society every year after they finish job training. In addition, we set up several institutions such as an orphanage, providing job training and compulsory education to about 100 handicapped and extremely poor people that are placed or attend every year as well as supporting some high-achieving orphans to go to high school.

A Cambodian local subsidiary, Procast-Cambodia was established in 2007 as the largest Technical Intern Trainees Sending Agency based on the experiences at JCIA.
After 17 years of running of The Phnom Penh Thmey Vocational Training Center, it was thoroughly renewed and changed to” POSEN CHEY SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER ” in 2013. Trainees are provided training in productive environment in air-conditioned rooms with the latest TV, PC, Software, bikes and sewing machines. “POSEN CHEY” is a nickname for the Prime Minister Hussein, receiving huge attention as a Cambodian government-approved promising reliable educational institution. It means the center became not only a job training center but also an educational institution to create human resources = social foundation for the nation and develop it. We are working for this aim every day.
We also established a school to provide high-level Japanese education in the capital city, Phnom Penh. We realized that mastering Japanese technics, skills, and services and bringing them back to Cambodia can greatly contribute Cambodian vitalization.


JCIA advisor, Fumio Yamada and a previous extraordinary ambassador, Katsuhiro Shinohara received Khmer Special Medal for the first time as Japanese people for the long-term supporting activities of JCIA. Our president also received Khmer Gold Medal from the Cambodian government.

We would like to work hard to blush up our personnel development service through the educational institutions so that we can carry out our mission. A current average age of Cambodian people is early twenties and especially the city, Phnom Penh is always very energetic; the country has boundless possibilities. In addition, Cambodia is as safe as Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. We keep taking on a challenge in this promising country to be able to play an active role.