Cambodian Trainees Sending Organization Procast-Asia
About Technical Intern Trainees

As a Cambodian government certified sending organization based on a technical internship program, Procast-Cambodia offers language training and technical education with experienced teachers from Japan to technical intern trainees and technicians selected from 20-29 year old Cambodians.

Before being sent, technical intern trainees are intensely trained in a small group for over 300 hours at our institution so that they can effectively develop on training in Japan.
We only introcude our technical intern trainees who have cleared our strict standards.

What is “ Technical Intern Trainees ”

The aim of Technical Intern Abroad is to teach skill, technology and knowledge of developed countries in order to make skilled human resources who lead economic development and industry promotion for developing countries. This system accepts foreign young workers to work in a certain period and learn industrial skills. This is one of important Japanese International corporations and contributions, teaching them to master the latest skills to introduce the skill into developing countries.

There are 2 types to accept Technical Intern Trainees.

Individual Enterprise Type : One Japanese company accepts trainees from overseas-associated companies or counterparties and offers job training.
Supervising Organization Type : Supervising organizations that don’t aim profits accept Technical Intern Trainees and provide technical intern training at the member.

The list the jobs that can transit to Technical Intern Training (ii)

The list the jobs that can transit to Technical Intern Training (ii) (JITCO site)

The types of job for Technical Intern Trainees are “constructions”, “Engineering and Metal Industry” or “furniture manufacturing, printing and binding” but We, Procast-Cambodia focus on construction training. We provide several trainings such as Japanese language lesson, how to use professional words and tools in business and teaching Japanese signs in order to get used to workplace soon in Japan.

Features of System

Technical Intern Trainees are provided technical training under an employment agreement with an implementing organization from 1st year so that they can work under the Labor Relations Act.

Implementing organizations (Individual Enterprise Type only) or Supervising Organizations are obligated to provide classes (Japanese Language, classes needed for Technical Intern Trainees’ legal protection) to Technical Intern Trainees.

Supervising Organizations are required to strengthen their supervision and support for implementing organizations.

Flow of acceptance

Join Association
A contract is exchanged after joining the association, then a personnel selection starts.

Personnel Selection
Candidates are selected based on companies’ demand. Interview and final selection are done at the job site. (includes explaining employment agreement and job description )

Local training
Language, technical and manner training are provided for selected trainees and engineers at a job training center.

Apply to the immigration office
We coordinate the required documents

Apply Visa
Apply at the Overseas Japanese Embassy or Consulate

Entering a country / It takes 4 or 5 months until acceptance
After training, trainees are belonged to a company

Flow of acceptance in case of Supervising Organization Type

Technical Intern Training (i) (1st year)
Learning knowledge and work on acquiring skills based on an employment agreement.

Technical Intern Training (ⅱ) (2nd / 3rd year)
Engaging in work to develop acquired skills based on employment agreement.

Companies bear trainees’ living expenses and training fees during Japanese language course.
After 2 months, they are belonged to specific sections and those who pass technical test in 8th month can go into 2nd year.
An extension of period of stay is implemented before 3rd year.
Going back to their home countries after 3rd year (Expenses for entering into countries and travel cost are on companies.)

[Supervising Organization Type] The Scope of Acceptance of Supervising Organizations

Supervising Organizations that are capable of accepting Technical Intern Trainees (organizations operating for profit are not permitted)
1. Chambers of commerce and industry or societies of commerce and industry
2. Small business associations
3. Vocational training companies
4. Agricultural cooperatives, fisheries cooperatives
5. Public interest incorporated associations, public interest incorporated foundations
6. Supervising organizations specified by announcements by the Minister of Justice

Requirements regarding Technical Intern Trainees

1. Skills to be acquired are not simple tasks
2. The Technical Intern Trainee is 18 years of age or over and is scheduled to be employed in work which makes use of the Skills acquired in Japan after they returns to their home country.
3. The Skills to be acquired in Japan are difficult to acquire in the Technical Intern Trainee’s home country.
4. The Technical Intern Trainee has been recommended by the local government, etc., of their home country.
5. The Technical Intern Trainee has experience working in the same type of work as the technical training to be received in Japan.
6. Sending Organizations (organizations which send, etc., Technical Intern Trainees overseas), Supervising Organizations, Implementing Organizations, etc., do not receive payments such as deposits from the Technical Intern Trainee.

Limitations on the number of accepted Technical Intern Trainees
Total number of regular employees at Implementing Organizations Number of Technical Intern Trainees
301 or more employees 1/20th of the total number of full-time employees
201 or more employees and 300 or less employees 15 or more Technical Intern Trainees
101 or more employees and 200 or less employees 10 or more Technical Intern Trainees
51 or more employees and 100 or less employees 6 or more Technical Intern Trainees
50 or less employees 3 or more Technical Intern Trainees

Case of a company that has 50 or less employees
A company can accept 3 Technical Intern Trainees in 1st year as well as 2nd / 3rd year. So it can accept 9 as a total.

Strength of Procast Cambodia

We work on sending Cambodian Technical Intern trainees and educating trainees as a sending organization certified by Cambodian Trainee Corporation Organization that is affiliated with JITCO

We jointly manage job training center to teach language, job skills, and Japanese customs and manners at Posen Chey Social Development Center according to an agreement with the Ministry of Social Affair. Posen Chey Social Development Center can provide Technical Intern Trainees Service under a strong back up of Cambodian government so that trainees can be provided education in favorable environment.

Focusing on review of what is learned in Cambodia, implementation of regular tests blush up them. In addition, we offer Japanese language and manner training as well as training that develop communication skill.